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Book Chapter

2018. ‘Riding on Waves of Crises: Finance, Food, and Political Tumult in Egypt’. In Financialisation, Food Systems and Rural Transformation, edited by H. Bjørkhaug, A. Magnan, and G. Lawrence, pp. 135-155. New York: Routledge.

Book Reviews

2021. Invited review of Food Insecurity and Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa: Agrarian Questions in Egypt and Tunisia, by Habib Ayeb and Ray Bush, Journal of Development Studies.

2017. Invited Review of The Contradictions of Neoliberal Agri-Food: Corporations, Resistance, and Disasters in Japan, by Kae Sekine and Alessandro Bonanno, Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews 46(6): 714-716. Contemporary Sociology book review 2017


2018. ‘Egypt’s Indelible Link: Corporate Food, Frontiers, and Popular Revolt’. ROAPE Critical Agrarian Studies Blog, 10 July. Available at: http://roape.net/2018/07/10/egypts-indelible-link-corporate-food-frontiers-and-popular-revolt/.

  1. ‘Al-Ghada’ wa al-Azmah fi Misr’ (Arabic translation of Food and Crisis in Egypt). Thimar no. 184. Available at:  http://www.athimar.org/Article-115?lang=ar.
  1. ‘Food and Crisis in Egypt: corporate food and class inequalities’. Thimar no. 184 (research collective on agriculture, environment, and labour in the Arab world). Available at: http://www.athimar.org/Article-115.
  1. ‘Agri-food industry growth and the land grab in north-east Africa’. Democracy in Africa, 17 November. Available at: http://democracyinafrica.org/agri-food-industry-growth-land-grab-north-east-africa/.
  1. ‘Making land (and money) a commodity: desert development and agribusiness in Egypt’, CIHEAM Watch Letter 28, International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies. Available at http://ciheam.org/images/CIHEAM/PDFs/Publications/LV/WL28.pdf.
  1. ‘Interview with Marion Dixon: Debating the Arab Spring,’ Kdebate: Global Debate (debating group for undergraduate students).
  1. ‘South-South land grabbing: what the case of Egypt and southern neighbours reveals’. Pambazuka News, 4 December. Available at: http://www.pambazuka.org/en/category/features/89848.
  1. ‘Investing in Inequality: Education Reform in Egypt’. Middle East Report 255: 40-47. PDF: merip-article-marion-dixon
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